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"Songwriter Laurece West's clear, sweet tone and improvisational jazz vocal style frolic through creatively reinterpreted pop, folk, & blues changes. She is a luminous channel for playful and poetic songs of personal transformation, spiritual celebration and love."(Maiya Greaves) She is celebrating her release “Essence of Love” and is in the recording studio preparing her next song cycle "Such Joy!"

Laurece has been in several bands as a songwriter, band leader and multi-instrumentalist.  She writes on piano and bass, and performs with each. In North Carolina, Laurece has recorded and performed with jazz geniuses Kevin Van Sant (guitar,) Doug Largent (bass,) Ben Palmer (bass,) Beverly Botsford (percussion) and Brevan Hampden (percussion.)

Laurece's Mom was a civil rights activist swaying to Gospel, Chicago Blues, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Laura Nyro and a diverse record collection.  On her father's side there are three generations of professional musicians: 40's Big Band, 50's Army Band, recording engineers to A List recording artists from the 80's to right now, current sidemen, band leaders and 2 Grammy nominees. 

Her style is a combination of diverse influences.  She focuses healing, love and spiritual energy channeling through her voice.

View songs from her concert in India Sept 3, 2016: 
SongsforMeherBaba LaureceWest

Love Revolution!

White Christmas

Good Thing Goin' On

Essence of Love

Birthday Song

Your Face

Picasso Tigerfish

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Vocalist Laurece West’s recording “Essence of Love” includes a track titled “Jasmine,” which West describes as a “sound collage.” Its lyrics are dedicated to Mehera Irani, a close disciple of Indian spiritual teacher Meher Baba. West’s vocals and the music of guitarist Kevin Van Sant, percussionist Beverly Botsford, and bass player Doug Largent give this song an otherworldly feel. West gave author credit to all the musicians because “Jasmine” was completely improvised in the recording studio. “I also completely improvised the lyrics,” West said. “Jasmine” is an example of her preferred process of creating songs: “I try to work with people who are more accomplished than me. It’s always best to be learning from people,” she said. “I give them the structure of the song, and we work it out together,” a process that is more interesting than dictating the song, West said.

West, Keller among CenterFest stage performers Sep. 19, 2013 Cliff Bellamy, The Herald Sun

Performing artists at CenterFest are local to the Triangle area, and an intimate knowledge of Durham’s culture inspired many, such as songwriter Laurece West, to get involved with the festival. “The first time I went to the festival, that’s what I noticed — a wonderful mix of people live here,” she said. “There’s not only people from all over the world here, there’s a thriving art scene. I can visually see and hear all the great talent that we have.”...Each artist no matter his or her origin brings diversity to the festival’s lineup. West, for instance, combines her singing with world beat music. “I lived in New York in a Hispanic neighborhood for seven years, so I was constantly listening to Latin rhythms — that’s what we’re doing: Latin rhythms with my white singer/songwriter persona,” she said. “It’s my way of being interracial with being who I am. Having that world influence — that reflects Durham. The city is so hip in terms of how many different types of people live here.” West said Durham is 43 percent black and 44 white, according to statistics cited by Mayor Bill Bell at the Durham Arts Entrepreneur Expo. “I really don’t know of very many other cities in the country with that parity,” she said.

Durham's CenterFest expands artistic reach KATIE HJERPE | 09/20/13 The Daily Tar Heel

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